Client TESTIMONIALS during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

"I just wanted to say that Lew was great and did a wonderful job making sure everything went smoothly!  He was very professional and kind.  The protocols that he was taking to assure safety were greatly appreciated!!"

Sandy E., Birdsboro, PA

"James and Al did an excellent job as usual.  I wanted to thank you for having a coordinated process that made everyone feel comfortable during the testing, these are unprecedented times and we all have to do things different to make ends meet and provide a seamless process for our folks here."

Gary W., Olean, NY 

"Lew was awesome!  Very personable and did a great job.  Sanitizing was completed before and after each new group was tested.  Everything was done in a timely manner.  No waiting.  Excellent job."

Laurie M., Hazle Township, PA

"We had a very good time with Lance and Rob; they did a good job with COVID-19 protocols and were able to test all who were working in the higher noise areas, so I feel good about that."

Mark D., South Easton, MA

"Alan was fabulous !!!!  And the new safety protocols fit right into our daily life so it was really nothing different for us."

Chris L., Syracuse, NY

"Dave did a wonderful job as usual.  The trailer was kept clean and sanitized every session.  Thanks IHT!!"

Paul C., Utica, NY



"Rich and Rob did a very good job.   The safety protocols were good and all went smoothly!"

Marianne L., Windsor Locks, CT

"James was great. We moved through fairly quickly for groups of four and us being fairly busy with shipping and production.James is very professional and easy to work with."

Ryan R., Bergen, NY

"Dave did a great job and all the tests were completed and everything with the protocols in place went very smooth."

Jennifer K., Beverly, MA

"Everything went well. Jim was great as always. He does a really nice job when he comes here to test. We had no issues with the safety protocols in place. I believe we were all comfortable with the process."

Mike P., Avon, NY


"As per usual your team has been very professional and thorough.  The new protocols were prudent and effective."

Vincent S., South Windsor, CT

"As always, Ken did a good job with everything.  Never a complaint about him.  Your safety protocol was assuring, given the times we are in."

Rick B., East Greenville, PA

"We were completely satisfied with Ron and the service he provided. He was a pleasure to work with all safety guidelines were followed to all standards."

Steve L., East Hartford, CT


"As usual, Mike did a terrific job and is very pleasant to work with.  And your test protocols are at a higher standard than ours at the plant so they definitely made us feel secure."

Donna C., Millbrook, NY

"Dave was great! This was my first time conducting hearing tests and it all went very smooth! Dave was early and prepared. The new test protocols made our employees feel safe while having their tests done. I did not receive any negative feedback."

Kirsty G., Taunton, MA