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Hearing Protection Fit Testing

What is Hearing Protection Fit Testing?  Hearing Protection Fit Testing is a method of determining how much noise is getting through a hearing protection device (HPD) into employees’ ears, essentially measuring if they are wearing the HPD properly.  This measure is attained with a unique dual-element microphone objectively measuring 7 frequencies in under 10 seconds.   This measurement is expressed as Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR). 


Obtaining a PAR for each individual employee enables us to better train and counsel your employees on proper insertion of HPD, and re-measure the PAR.  This procedure usually results in a much improved PAR.

By determining each employee’s attenuation with the PAR, we can calculate the actual Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) in a scientific, objective fashion to ensure the employee has the appropriate protection for noise exposure levels in their work environment.

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